Out of Stock feature

With the brand new Out of Stock feature, restaurants will now be able to mark menu items & choices or addons as sold out!

When they’ll be using this feature, food customers will still be able to see the items in the menu, but won’t be able to order them.

Here’s an example of how a sold-out Nasi Lemak looks like in the menu:

… and here is an example of an out-of-stock item in the Choices & Addons section:

What restaurants need to know:

We moved the Remove button under Options and added a new button for Show/Hide – clicking on this new icon will reveal the Availability of the items (Out of stock setting), as well as the Visibility settings (Hide from menu options).

Restaurants can set items as out of stock until…

  • the next business day,
  • a set date and time,
  • or indefinitely, until manually changed

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